Know Your Gambling Terminology

When you are interested in gambling, you want to do everything you can to make sure that you start out on the best foot possible. One important thing for you to do is to make sure that you are familiar with at least some of the most used gambling terms. This will help you to know more about what everyone is talking about and this is very important when you have money on the line. Here are some of the more popular gambling terms and their meanings:Action: This is the total amount of money that is bet by a person during the entire game.All In: This is used in a card game. When a gambler is putting all of their chips in, they will say that they are “All In”.Barred: This is a term that is used in casinos when a person has been kicked out of the casino for good. They are no longer allowed to come in to that casino.Betting Limits: This is the minimum and maximum amount of money that a person can bet in a particular game.Blind Bet: Used in poker, this means that the bets are posted before anyone has even seen their cards.
Buck: This means that the bet is a hundred dollar bet.Burn Cards: To burn cards is to remove them off of the top of the deck and put them in to a discard tray.Casino Rate: This means that the casino will rent you a room at a discounted rate if you are a good and loyal customer of the casino.Color Up: When a person “colors up” they exchange their smaller chips in for larger ones.Cot-tail: This term is used when a person is betting the same thing as another player that is winning is betting.Dime Bet: This is the term that is used for a $1,000.00 bet.Down to the Felt: To be “down to the felt” is to be totally out of all of your money.Drop: This is known as the money that is lost.Edge: This is the advantage that one player has over another player.Eye in the Sky: These are the cameras that are placed throughout the casino to keep an eye on everything that is going on in the casino.Fill: This is the term that is used in poker when a person gets that fifth card which makes their hand.Fill Up: In poker, this means that a person has a full house.Fish: A fish is a person that is the one losing money.Grease: A grease is also known as a bribe.Hit: In blackjack, this means that you are taking another card.Maximum Bet: This is the amount that you are allowed to bet up to.MVG: This is the most valuable guest.Pass: This means not to bet in a card game.Payout: This is the amount of money that you will get as you win.Pot: The amount of money that accumulates during the game.Quads: In poker, this is known as a four of a kind.Rank: This is used in poker to refer to the worth of the cards.Sawbuck: This is what ten dollars if referred to as.Shiner: A small mirror used for cheating.Skin: a dollar is referred to as “skin”.Ticket: A card is also called a ticket.White meat: This is what a profit is called.

Playing Safe with Online Casino Slots

A lot has been written about the honesty of land-based slot machines. An excellent article by Steve Bourie is titled, “Are Slot Machines Honest?” and originally appeared in the 1999 American Casino Guide. (It can be found online by searching for the title in Google or Yahoo!.) Physical, land-based slot machines have a lot of “variations” (being polite) than can deceive the player. Of course, they are all illegal and do not happen. But read the article, closely.On the other hand, online casino slots use an electronic “random number generator” or RNG, operating inside a very large computer program that manages the game graphics, the player accounts of those who join the game, the statistics of every hand played, and much more. The random number generator is hard-coded software instructions that do not change. There is no “sense switch” (see the Bourie article) that can be flipped to give players worse odds. Regarding control parameters, each use of the RNG is the same as the last use, and will be the same as the next use. The numbers will come out randomly, but the pattern of randomness never changes. This is a true advantage of software-based online casino slots.Land-based slot machines can also have payout percentages as low as 83%, which is not true with online casino slots. In online gaming, each machine has the same winning percentage as the other machines. You can see the payout percentages for many online gaming sites, and you will see that it rarely drops below 95% – that is, the house makes a 5% profit, on the average. In fact, most casinos can document that their payout percentages are in the 97% – 98% range. This means that you can spend an hour, gamble your $100 stake about 3 times, and on the average it will cost you $7.50. But players don’t gamble to be average: the true reward is the high-paying win. And the high-paying win is balanced, of course, by a number of players who lose and finance that win.So are online casino slots fair? Yes, they clearly are. The software that operates the games is tested regularly by independent testing laboratories (look for logos at the bottom of the casino website), and no game is individually controllable to be biased. That is a far cry from the situation with land-based slot machines, appropriately called “one-armed bandits”.Players get better odds, they get absolute consistency across all games – but no one can guarantee a win every time. That’s just the nature of gambling, and that’s part of the thrill.So the next time you want to play a slot machine, even if there’s a land-based casino right next door, you are better advised to go to your computer and play the online casino slots. They are a far better bet.

Free Paid Surveys – The Gamble Behind It!

A lot of free online paid surveys websites promise their new participants that they can make a lot of money if they follow their instructions, that is, if they sign up. No one in their right mind will let an opportunity to make money very easily pass up. Unfortunately, these free of charge paid surveys are just marketing strategies which only aim to get your personal information so they can send it as spam to other people. This may be considered harmless by other people, but if you think about it more carefully, they are just wasting your time, and of course, your effort. In spite of that, free paid survey offers can still be found that are real. Many marketing companies are genuinely interested in finding out their consumers’ opinion and feedback on their services and products and they do not think twice about offering incentives for this.Most of the time, these paid surveys that can be found being advertised through pop ups or unsolicited emails are scam. You may try to ignore these to protect yourself, but if you are willing to gamble, then go ahead. If you try to look closely at these ads, you will definitely wonder if they are telling the truth. The offers are not out of the ordinary but they surely are tempting. But, there are some that ask for your contact info then send, or even sell, them to other companies for their own profit.However, do not think that all free paid surveys are purely scam because there are some that are genuine. These companies that give incentives to people are normally those that have been around for several years and have a reputation to protect. They are trustworthy and do give the people what they promise. Their promises are also tempting, but not overly done which is how you can distinguish these offers from the scam ones.Risk is always involved with free paid surveys. But, more often than not, overkill offers are quite difficult to believe. Even so, although it is impossible to survive on just incentives from surveys, the gain is also worth your time and effort.